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Family Unwrapping

Legacy & Estate Planning


We specialize in helping our clients understand and maximize their options concerning the property they own and putting plans in place to protect and preserve what they own for their benefit and for the benefit of those they love.

Legacy & Estate Planning is a process that allows us to determine and direct in advance how our property will be managed and distributed in the event that we are no longer at our best capacity to manage our affairs and after we have transitioned from this life.  

Contract Signature


A legal document that allows you to state your wishes regarding what will happen with your property when you are no longer here; to whom you would like to give it; and if you have minor children, whom you would like to care for them, should you transition from this life while they are still minors.

Checking Text on a Document


A legal arrangement, a contract, where you or someone you appoint holds title to and manages your property for your benefit and for the benefit of your loved ones. A trust allows you or your trustee to distribute your property during and after your lifetime according to your wishes while avoiding probate.

Holding Hands


Probate is the process of managing, distributing, and settling the estate of a deceased person according to their wishes, as stated in a will. Administration is a similar process, but occurs when the deceased person did not leave a will. The process for both can be complex, yet, necessary in efforts to ensure that a loved one's property passes to those near and dear.

Power of Attorney

Powers of Attorney

A document that allows you to legally appoint another person, whom you greatly trust, to make decisions and act on your behalf concerning your property and financial affairs in the event you are unavailable to do so. A Power of Attorney can also be used in cases, where the person granting the power becomes incapacitated.

Nurse and Patient

Health Care Proxies

Gives you the opportunity to appoint someone, whom you dearly trust, to make health care decisions on your behalf in the event you are unable to do so. An important note to remember is that a Health Care Proxy does not strip you of your authority to make your own health care decisions, but it is very good to have one in place in case you are unable to do so. 


Living Wills

Gives you the opportunity to declare in writing your specific health care instruction in the event you become unable to state them at a time when you may be in need of end-of-life care. A living will becomes evidence of your specific wishes.

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